17 AugWhere To Search For Used Sports Memorabilia

No matter the sport, collectible trading cards are a popular collector’s item for sports of all ages.  Particularly for adults who are fortunate enough to keep their childhood favorites in mint condition, sports card collecting can become quite the lucrative hobby.  First seen at the onset of baseball in years predating the 20th century, http://comparecablecompanies.org/cable-tv-companies/blue-ridge/, card collecting has expanded to include popular American markets in football, basketball and hockey, and abroad to maintain a presence in international sport.  So how can you tell what to look for when collecting cards? Personal preference comes first – Even more so than monetary value, your general sentiments towards a player should dictate whether or not you value that card and would be willing to pay to add it to your collection.  Value is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, no matter what the market may suggest you buy or sell a card for.  Like artwork, it is ultimately a matter of personal taste.  Even if a painting is a Picasso, there is no way you would display it in your living room if you find it simply revolting.  Similarly, people attach certain stigmas to sports players, particularly those from rival teams.  Your favorite player’s card will also be a much more prized possession in your own eye than it would any independent appraiser. Player talent drives value – Obviously, a better player as seen by the baseball community at large will present more in terms of trading value.  As you might imagine, hall of famers are in higher demand than mere role players. Timeliness – Like any market item, value may increase or decrease slightly over time.  A record holder whose record is broken (though this may not be true in the steroid era of baseball) will see a slight depreciation, however, in most cases this dip is minimal as record holders are still otherwise very good players, thus worth keeping.  Anniversaries of achievements or other newsworthiness may also increase value, even if only temporarily.  Sadly, a player’s death will likely see a relative increase in value as well. Rarity – Rookie Cards are considered to be the holy grail of card collecting.  These cards are printed on a limited basis during a player’s first professional season and, in most instances, will have the word “Rookie” readily visible on the card’s face.  Other limited edition prints are available on occasion, though don’t be fooled by specially titled cards that are subject to standard printing numbers and quotas.  This is often a trick used by card manufacturers to boost perceived value while in no way altering a cards market value.  Look up the book value before spending money on a card that sounds one-of-kind but may be one of several hundred thousand in circulation. Condition – Scuffs, stains or tears will ultimately greatly reduce the value of otherwise very desirable cards.  Though extremely old cards will be expected to show a few natural signs of age, minimizing the effects of time will go a long way towards resale value.  Keeping your cards safe in a plastic sleeve and storage at proper room temperatures will help to mitigate the risks commonly associated with handling.

15 JulStrange and Famous Pieces of Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia comes in all types of shapes, sizes and cost as shown. Some of the strangest, and most famous, of this memorabilia includes items like Tom Seaver’s toothpick, Luis Gonzalez’s chewing game, Andre Agassi’s hair and Ty Cobb’s teeth. Vendors like slackware.org usually run shows about this sort of thing.

Yeah. It’s that crazy!

Starting with teeth, Cobb had Hall of Fame set of teeth to go with his HOF career apparently. Karen Shemonsky paid 6,500 in 1999 for Cobb’s false teeth. Hopefully, the teeth are sitting on her mantle and not in her mouth.

Agassi’s hair was a signature part of his mystique. It was long and luxurious, sometimes put up in a pony tail. A sports bar in Las Vegas paid thousands of dollars for his hair and put it on display. Since the hair actually was part of a wig he threw on, one must question the purchase order.

Got an extra 10,000 to throw into the sports memorabilia game? Then, somebody has the perfect choice for you. That is to say a piece of chewing gum game chewed by Luis Gonzalez. The chewing gum was sold to a sports gum manufacturer, naturally. The manufacturer put the gum in a glass case for all the world to see for whatever reason.

Seaver’s toothpick represents a bit of memorabilia minutia. The Hall of Fame pitcher sometimes had a toothpick in his mouth when he pitched. It’s also an affordable memory. It was last on the market in 1992 when it sold for a cool 440.

24 MaySports Collectors Can Find Numerous Memorabilia Available

The serious sports collectors have plenty of memorabilia options available to them. There are autographed balls, helmets, gloves, jerseys, and other items for sale for the true sports enthusiasts to add to their collections. There’s no better way to celebrate the careers of the greatest athletes in history than to own the gear that they used or autographed. Some of the best types of memorabilia are game-worn jerseys. If you look on the wall of a passionate sports collector, you might find a jersey worn in a real game by a famous player. These Read more…

25 MarWhich Is Better Memorabilia Or Cards For Sports

Both cards and memorabilia have great value to collectors of all things related to sports. Those new to collecting might be wondering which is better, cards or memorabilia? The answer to such a question might center on personal tastes and the ability to store what you collect.

First, you obviously must have a personal like for the items you are collecting. A common error new collectors make is they try to second guess what items will become more valuable in the market. This can take a lot of the Read more…

14 JunFive Reasons That People Enjoy Collecting Cards

Collecting of sports cards has been popular for many years and there are many reasons that they are collected.
Being a sports fan is one reason people collect sports cards. A lot of the people collect cards just of their favorite teams and players. An autographed card tops things off for these types of collectors.
Investment is sports cards are another top reason that people collect them. These collectors know how the value can rise on Read more…

19 AugWhy People Collect Sports Cards Now

Collecting sports cards has always been something enjoyed by fans of all sports, and all fan levels. The collecting of cards is a pastime for many sports fans and is a great way to really show your love for players or your team. Card collecting can also be a profitable addiction for many sports fans, you can purchase cards with floor pieces, game worn jerseys, or autographs; meaning, if you ever sell them, you can be guaranteed to be earning some profits on them. Another great feature of Read more…

17 AugBackground Of Where Sports Cards Came From

Since Baseball and Football become chief diversions for the American public, sports cards became avenues of fantasy for young children. From the early days of trading and bicycle spokes to the most current higher value packs, sports cards have provided the necessary access to the sports world.

The golden era of sports card collecting occurred in the 1990′s when raising values and a new idea created a market that was definitely boom or bust. The new idea was the inclusion of game-used materials Read more…

30 JulSports Memorabilia Can Be Very Valuable

Sports memorabilia has always been something of value to any fan. Take, for instance, when Derek Jeter recently collected his 3,000th hit. The fan who caught the ball was criticized by thousands of people for not selling the ball, which was reportedly worth upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. Instead, he returned the ball to Jeter and received several rewards for doing so. The Yankees gave him tickets to their remaining games and a card Read more…

26 AprSports memorabilia for the avid fan.

Do you love watching sports, especially the exclusive games you can get with packages from http://www.direct.tv/? Then you might also love collecting sports memorabilia. After all, what’s better than bringing home a piece of the game for yourself?

Sports memorabilia is available for those who love both sports and the sports personalities that make the games all the more interesting. This memorabilia comes in different forms and includes posters, t-shirts, jerseys, balls, and even shoes. These are readily available for those looking to start a collection or upgrade an existing one.

Each sport comes with its own sort of memorabilia. For baseball fans, the main option would be baseball cards, while for boxing lovers, posters are more popular. However, although all these items are valuable to their collectors, the monetary value of the memorabilia can be increased just by having a simple signature added onto them. This is what makes the difference between regular and one-of-a-kind memorabilia–the latter being the type that would fetch top dollars.

For those who are looking to collect truly exceptional memorabilia, different items used during the actual sporting event can often be acquired. These tend to have both sentimental and monetary value and should therefore be treated like the treasures they really are. One of the most popular examples for “game used” items was the T-shirt that Brazilian soccer star Pele wore during the 1970s World Cup. This piece of clothing sold for almost quarter of a million dollars during an auction.